Ottawa – A Lively Tourist Destination

Ottawa is the capital of Canada and lies on the southern shore of the Ottawa River. It is the 4th largest city in Canada and also a popular tourist destination with numerous historic places and heritage sites.  My trip to Ottawa was extended by several days because there was so much to see and experience.  Some of the best spots in the city are noted below:

  • Canadian War Museum

Located at Vimy Place the Canadian War Museum is popularly known as “the national museum of Canadian military history”. The main exhibits include armored vehicles, weapons, medals, artillery, and aircraft. The place displays war artifacts that are hundreds of years old. The museum offers lots of information and relics associated with the First and the Second World Wars.

  • National Gallery of Canada

Located at Sussex Drive, the National Gallery of Canada is a place you must definitely visit if you are an art lover. It is popularly known as the premier art gallery in Canada. Here you can see a vast collection of drawings, paintings, sculpture, native art, and photographs. It took me almost an entire day to tour the whole place. There were volunteers who assisted me in learning lots of interesting facts about the famous displays. The place also has a beautiful gift shop.

  • Rideau Hall

My visit to Rideau Hall was unplanned but the place was surprisingly enchanting. Located at a distance of 2.7 km from the National Gallery of Canada, the place attracts thousands of visitors. Besides seeing the Official Residence of the Canadian monarch, people come to walk around the beautifully decorated gardens that surround the entire property. It is a perfect destination for sightseeing and I have never seen such beautiful landscapes anywhere else. The meandering pathways, groves of flowering trees, and broad lawns can keep you occupied for hours.