Montreal – The Cultural Capital Of Canada

Located at the heart of the Island of Montreal, the city is a part of the Quebec province in Canada. The place derived its name from the famous hill of Mount Royal. The city enjoys a continental climate and has many cultural attractions that draw thousands of local tourists to this historic city. The place also has many museums, parks, and recreational centers. We also enjoyed some great city tours that covered most of the top attractions. Some of the memorable places in the city are as follows:


  • Notre-Dame Basilica

Located at 110 Notre-Dame Street, the cathedral of Notre-Dame Basilica is the oldest church in Montreal. It was built in the year 1956 and is valued as one of the most beautiful religious sites. The structure of the cathedral is a fine example of Gothic Revival architecture. The interiors are intricately decorated with stained glass art and wooden carvings. The unique feature of the interior design is that the images depict Montreal’s religious history.

  • Mount Royal Park

Opened in the year 1876, the Mount Royal Park is one of the oldest parks in the country. The large park houses a wide range of trees, plants, and shrubs. It is a beautiful getaway that separates this part of the city from the noisy urban life. Mountain hiking is the popular tourist activity in this area. The views from the hilltop are quite picturesque. It is an ideal place for a day-long picnicking.

  • Montreal Tower Observatory

The Montreal Tower Observatory is built on the world’s tallest inclined tower located in Olympic Park. The panoramic views from the observatory are quite striking. Besides enjoying the views, we took entry tickets to tour the Botanical Garden located in the park. The thematic garden offers an amazing display of rare plants and flowering trees. The place is a ‘must visit’ destination if you happen to be in Montreal.  This observatory was recommended by my friend Brandon, who runs Southern Star Roofing, is a big fan of science and has visited a number of amazing planetariums & observatories.  He said this is one of the most amazing he has experienced to date.