Experience Peace And Serenity In This Quiet But Beautiful Village In New York

Do not consider Montauk by its size, well literally. Only about 3000 people are living here permanently, but hundreds of thousands of tourists flock like us to explore the white sandy beaches, participate in hiking expeditions and taste the famous wines straight from the farms. This place resonates history. Here is the list of sites we recommend you to visit.


  • Montauk Point Lighthouse


According to us, this is one of the best attractions in Montauk. Although initially, we were skeptical about visiting there, upon reaching the top, the sight like no other manifested before us. Glorious views of the Atlantic Ocean and the gentle breeze slapped our face endlessly restoring a sense of calm and tranquility.


  • The Camp Hero State Park


If you keep heading east on the Long Island, then you will come across the relatively whole park, the Camp Hero. Formerly, it was used as a military base, and later converted into a park filled with wildlife, and this promises to offer you peace and tranquility for hours together.



The biodiversity which the park boasts makes it an ideal place for fishing and hiking. Alongside this, since we visited the site in the summers, it was bustling with a wide variety of activities which we could try out. One can use the playground to play various games or sit by the bonfire and have a chit-chat in groups.


  • Montauk Yacht Club


You would be surprised like us when you realize that this club is 80 years old. It is situated on the Star Island at the center of the Montauk Lake. It offers exceptional views of the ocean coupled with extreme comfort and luxury, perfect for being spoilt on vacation.

Montauk is located at around 130 miles from the NY city, and the trip usually takes approximately 3 hours by car thanks to the right roads.