Jazan – The Bespoke City

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This city is the former capital for Saudi Arabia and the largest port city around in here. This no doubt is the most incredible city I have lived in the very first instant around all the cities I have visited till now. The city is covered with waters and it looks immensely exuberant. The city has so many scenic views and beaches to water sports activities that you are literally going to die for in this hit country. There are also much ancient architecture including temples and castles and monuments that hold significant importance around. You can feel the relaxation in you when you go down to the waters, it is solemnly heavenly feeling. Here are some of my on the top suggestions to visit.

Farasan Islands

Farasan islands are the emerald of beauty in this city. They are only a few kilometers away from the mainland city and offer you so many different things to do. The islands are based alongside some old ruins of castles giving it a very rugged and iconic look. This island is one of the favorite filming spots for the filmmakers there. You can sign up for motorbike rides to the island and then head into the water. You can swim or even go for snorkeling which I must say is a one of its kind experience. The cool wind breeze and some awesome Arabian snacks are going to premiere your time spent.

Al-Khouba Hot Springs

Yes, it is a very common question that why would the visitors in this hot and warm weather all around, would want to take up a hot springs session but these are one of its kind. The waters here are hot as opposed to the name, but somehow when you land into these springs, you won’t feel hot water touching your body, instead, you will get a really cool feeling. The springs have mud that you can apply all over your body they work as astringent to the pores.

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