Naples: Plan Your Vacation to Naples: it is Calling You

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I got to know about Naples through one of my friend, who had been in the city for some work. He told me about the beauty of this place and while looking at his expressions and excitement, I instantly decided that my next vacation destination would be Naples. I am a golf lover and I love shopping as well, Naples is well known for both. During my tour to Naples, I found some places which were really very interesting, while somewhere so-so. If you are also planning your vacation in Naples and want to know which places you should visit during your tour, then I hope my experience will help you.

Naples Pier

This is place is top in my list as I enjoyed it thoroughly. I enjoyed here fishing, playing with dolphins and the scenic beauty of this place is really mesmerizing.

Naples Beach

If you want to enjoy some free time away from the hustle-bustle of the city, then Naples beach is the right place you. This is the seven-mile, white-sand beach. It is close to Naples pier, so when you are planning to check this place, don’t be in a hurry.

Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens

It is a huge garden having lots of plant variety. You visit this garden in any season; still, it will be filled with flowers. This is the beauty of this Caribbean Garden. The zoo is clean and well maintained. If you are a plant and animal lover don’t skip this place. If not, then there is not much interesting thing here. But, because I love plants, I made my way to this zoo and garden and it didn’t disappoint me.

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Naples Art Association

This is one of the main attraction of Naples and favorite of tourists. Gordon River Greenway park – The park has some breathtaking views. Its trails are awesome, I took a bike to check this park and it was a wonderful experience.

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