Saturday, November 3rd, 2018

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Grenoble- A Perfect Summer Destination

Located in the southeast region of France, the city of Grenoble is the capital of Isère. The city has gained significance for being one of the important scientific centers in Europe. With a 2000-year-old history, Grenoble emerged as a prominent industrial city during the 18th century. Its proximity to the Alps Mountains has made it one of the best sightseeing attractions in France. I spent most of my days in Grenoble on outing activities like skiing and hiking. It is undoubtedly a perfect summertime holiday destination. Read on to learn about the best spots in the city.

  • Vercors Regional Natural Park

The enormous parkland spans an area of around 330,000 acres and is partially situated on the limestone plateau that forms the southern part of the city. On the other end, it extends to reach the Western Alps.  The forested mountains make up for a stunning view and is a beautiful place for hiking and camping. But if you are short of time, you can take a drive along the winding roads to enjoy the scenic wonders offered by the park.

  • Grenoble Archaeological Museum

It is a popular museum, which is originally a deconsecrated church of Saint Laurent. It is a historic site near Bastille.  In 19th century excavations on this site revealed a hidden Gallo-Roman crypt. The place was thus identified as a historic monument and an archaeological site.  Presently, the place is an archaeological museum that attracts thousands of visitors. The crypt and the skeletons are the major displays. On the whole, the experience was quite exciting.

  • Paul Mistral Park

Established in 1925, the Paul Mistral Park is a 67-acre urban park. The place is a beautiful recreation center and the most visited park in the city. I had a perfectly relaxing time out here. There is a bar in the area that offers amazing French food and beverages. There are few monuments and landmarks that are associated with the history of this beautiful neighborhood.