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Site last updated 17 December 2014

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If you haven’t been recently you will find a few extras installed. A second table tennis table and some picnic benches have been added, together with a 5-a-side football pitch and nets. Some ‘grow through’ mats will be put around the table tennis tables in spring to prevent wear to the grass around them. This completes the works for the time being.


Meetings have been held with LCC Highways Dept both locally and at the Civic Hall, the latter arranged by Ward Cllr Matthew Robinson so that parishes within the Ward could discuss problem areas. Extensive investigations into the spate of ‘through the wall’ accidents on the B1217 have been undertaken by Highways Dept and they are looking at implementing some changes. We cannot say when these will be done as there are the usual budget constraints but we have done our very best to press for urgent action. Drainage ‘black spots’ were also discussed and we hope that extra attention will be given to these – we shall see.


From time to time you may see some bright yellow paint marking the spot where a dog has fouled. We hope to draw attention to the hazard and encourage the owner to clear it up. It has been reported that Becca Lane and Field Lane have become hot spots so we will be out with our cans from time to time!


Our school continues to achieve good results with 93% of pupils achieving Level 4 or above in reading, writing and maths in this year’s KS2 Tables. This is an improvement from 63% in 2013. The school is really full with just a couple of places available.


Moles are again making a terrible mess on the grass verge at the south end of the village. Since the City Council has no money to pay Mr Mole Man, we are getting a quote for a professional to humanely deal with the menace.


The official switch on was well attended. The lights which we hire from LCC Lights Dept. are expensive, and cost around £1000 just for the ones on Pump Hill. Next year we are considering asking for sponsorship, as we do with the Hanging Baskets. It would be good if we could at least have lights in all the trees on Pump Hill.

The pictures aren’t great, but they’re the best we have.


We’re losing count of the number of times cars have left the road this year and taken a diversion through the wall. Suffice it to say that LCC Highways are well aware of the issue, a number of site visits have taken place, and the ball is firmly in their court regarding remedial measures.

In the meantime, take some simple but obvious advice. Please be especially careful on this stretch of road.



Minutes from the November 2014 monthly meeting are now available. To view, please click here.

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