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Site last updated 21 May 2015

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ACCOUNTS to Year Ended 31 March 2015


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Annual Meeting May 2015

Following the May elections, the previous Councillors were returned unopposed, together with a new Councillor, Daniel Overend. The term of office runs for 4 years. For the coming year David Howson was elected Chair and Ruth Reid Vice Chair. There remain two vacancies, both for the Sturton Grange Ward and an extra effort is being made to fill these.

A review of working parties and advisory groups took place and members were appointed. Appointments to outside bodies and representation on external groups were also decided. Details of these working parties/groups etc will be published on the site shortly so that residents know which member to contact for a particular problem.

A review and adoption of standing orders and financial regulations also took place. Some governance documents are still under review and will be dealt with in the coming months

Meetings will continue to take place, unless otherwise advised, on the third Tuesday of every month commencing at 7.30pm and usually in the Oriel Room of the Church.

Neighbourhood Plan

A draft will shortly be circulated to residents. The Village Hall has been booked for Sunday 21st June (10-3) for a consultation day.

Village Hall

An appeal has been lodged against the LCC refusal of planning permission. This could still take some months to be determined.

Public Footpaths

The City Council will now only fund one (vegetation) cut per year. We are studying the wording of our Parish Paths Partnership agreement to make sure of our entitlement. If the 'one cut' is all we are to be given then this will not be enough to keep our footpaths in good order so we will have to consider other funding. This will apply to all public footpaths in the City Council area.



Minutes from the April monthly meeting are now available. To view, please click here.