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Site last updated 24 April 2015

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ACCOUNTS to Year Ended 31 March 2015


Please click here to download and view a copy of the above notice.


We have had a couple of incidents in recent weeks. A rubbish bag from a bin at the Play Area was hurled at a passing car – luckily it was not damaged. At the same time there was glass thrown down onto the safety surface and this had to be removed carefully as it would have worked into the surface. Glass was also found on the courts in Jubilee Field – maybe the same person likes smashing glass! If you have youngsters of around 11 upwards then perhaps mention to them about respecting our facilities – we all pay for them.


Please check that you do not leave anything in your car if you park up to go for a walk, or just leave your car out of your sight to pop into a shop etc. The Police advise that two cars have been driving around local villages looking into cars and smashing a window to take things left in open sight. Even a jumper would attract their attention in case it was covering something.


Residents will be aware that the applicant has lodged an appeal against the LCC decision to turn down the latest planning application. Notwithstanding the proposed substantial increase in financial contribution towards the hall refurbishment, the Parish Council remains opposed to this application on a number of grounds. Our further comments will be submitted to the Planning Inspectorate in due course.


LCC Highways have been very busy doing pavement repairs through the village. We should now be getting some road markings to prevent parking on the bridge where it is narrow, and also to prevent parking to the south of Priory Park, which is dangerous as vehicles come from the Hook Moor junction. Please do not park up on the pavement, especially where there are the old York stone pavings, as these will crack and will not be replaced like for like with stone. The surface of the B1217 has been improved where many vehicles left the road into the stone wall - we hope this new surfacing will prevent this.


We know that it is difficult to book online for Aberford surgery appointments at the moment. This has been raised with the Practice and they are aware of the problem. There will be two new Doctors starting from September so they hope that the problem will ease.


Our school is really at capacity at the moment – having 106 pupils from September as against the LCC Education assessed maximum figure of 99. We will be contacting our Ward Councillor Matthew Robinson to see what the situation is like in the other Parishes in our Ward. We also want to know about the funding for village schools like ours. It may be that other villages are having the same problem and that this could be better tackled by working through the Ward Councillors. The fact that our school is at capacity does have implications for the ‘sustainability’ of new housing and we also have to consider families coming into existing housing as older people downsize. As always, we will fight for our local facilities to get the best we can.


The Village Hall has been booked for the 21st June for an Open Day/Consultation. A draft of the Plan will be delivered around the village beforehand with a copy posted to this website, together with contact details for residents’ feedback.



Minutes from the March monthly meeting are now available. To view, please click here.