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The draw took place on 18 March 2014 at the Aberford and District Parish Council meeting. Successful applicants will be contacted in person. The results are subject to verification of address in the parish.

If you are notified that you’ve been successful in the draw, please pay the correct amount (£40 per ticket) by cheque or postal order payable to “Aberford and District Parish Council”. Write your name and address on the back and send to the Clerk at the address below to arrive NO LATER THAN 14 April 2014. DO NOT SEND CASH.

Ms J Sou

Clerk to the Parish Council

3 Beech Walk, Adel, Leeds LS16 8NY


You may be interested to know that a company is seeking the views of residents of Garforth and surrounding areas, before submitting an application to LCC Planners. Information can be seen at www.kucgarforthfoodstore.co.uk. The site is the current MIAMI building which is opposite the existing Tesco Store, Lotherton Way, Garforth. We have not formulated any view as a Parish Council as yet. If an application does go before LCC then we may well have comments to make on such things as traffic for instance. Let us know what you think.


The reliability (or otherwise!) of the 64 has raised its head, again. Please let us know any instances of buses missing or failing to return through the village. It is only with details that we can let Metro know and Ward Councillor Matthew Robinson is keen to have this information if he is to help.

GRANT FUNDING for Youth Projects

Cllr Robinson made us aware that there is some funding in the gift of the Leeds N.E. Area Committee for ‘youth activities’ and the like. Details of how to apply can be obtained via our Clerk – jsou.aberford@outlook.com. Activities for which funding is granted will need to be published on the LCC ‘Breeze’ website.


There has been an upsurge in complaints recently. The LCC Dog Warden has been in the village and return visits are planned. We will report anyone to the Dog Warden, who has the power to fine and will do so. We have also had a report of chewing gum being thrown down on the courts at Jubilee Field. If you have children who use the facility could you please speak to them about this problem and also not to throw pebbles about on the courts/walkways. As we approach the time when the school and residents will use the facilities then everyone can help to keep them in good order.


The BT Infinity website suggests that the Barwick Exchange will be updated by Jun 2014. The eagle eyed amongst you may already have spotted engineers working on the local cabinets. Fingers crossed - it looks like High Speed Broadband is coming to Aberford soon. Credit where it’s due - LCC have been working with BT, under a national initiative, to secure high speed rollout to places that otherwise might not get it. The Parish Council, & Cllr Matthew Robinson, have also been working very hard, behind the scenes, to ensure that Aberford is towards the front of that queue.


The next monthly meeting will take place on Tuesday 15 April, at 7:30 p.m. in the Methodist Chapel. To view the agenda, please click here.

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